Sometimes It Just Takes Time To Get Google Traffic

So you created a web page, did your keyword research, got the right url, thought you wrote a good introduction paragraph.  You even generated some backlinks from quality related sites, but then the Google traffic never materialized.

Sometimes even if we do everything right, it takes time for pages to reach the point where they begin to get traffic in Google.

One case in point is a Squidoo lens that I created almost 2 months ago about the Best Clip On Guitar Tuners.

Well I thought I had done a good job, got some good keywords, added some good content and product reviews, but the traffic trickled in, and most of that was from Squidoo members not from Google.

I just looked at the stats for this page, and there has been a significant change in the traffic makeup in the last week.  Two thirds of this is now coming from Google, with sporadic views from Bing, Ask and Yahoo, and there are clickouts as well to the featured products.

Sure I would have liked by now to see hundreds of visitors daily, but as long as the trend is in the right direction, I will be happy.

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