Typical British Weather

It’s funny in a way that today is probably a more typical display of British weather in April than any of the weather that we have seen in recent months.

The Autumn and Winter saw little rainfall, and as a result the reservoirs in the South of England are very low, as are the river levels. Most counties in the south have already ordered a hosepipe ban because of this, and then over Easter weekend we completed the construction of our deck in the back garden.

Since then it has rained quite a bit, in fact it rained on and off every day in the last week, with a lot of localised heavy showers and numerous hail storms as well.

Last night though was the worst, with the wind blowing a gale much of the night, lashing heavy rain against the windows, and rattling the letterbox flap on the front door.

The news this morning was filled with rivers ready to burst their banks in Dorset, Hampshire not much better, trees down in a lot of places, and pretty much all cross channel ferry crossings cancelled as well.  Not too pleasant.

What about the inclusion of the completion of our deck? 

Well it’s only natural for it to rain when you finish a task like that isn’t it, the same as when your flowering plants are in full bloom a stong wind or heavy rain will come along and smash them to smithereens.

No damage for us fortunately, but most of the blossom has been blown off the flowering cherry tree overnight, and the garden this morning looked like a pink blizzard had fallen over it.

But this is April, and as I remarked at the start of this post, this weather is more typical of April as we know it here, and we ought not to complain, since we desperately need the water, and if it rains now we might actually get less during the summer and have some nice weather. 

You just never know in the UK, the weather is always full of extremes…

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