An Acrostic Poem For Memorial Day

This is an acrostic poem that I wrote for Memorial Day back in 2010 and originally published on Yahoo Voices.  I just wanted to share it with a new audience, in honor of all those members of the armed forces who served their country, many of whom lost their lives or came back scarred, either mentally or physically:

Memories of those who gave their lives
Every year we remember them
Mindful of their valor and sacrifice
Older every year, their comrades honor them
Remembering events and friendships
In service of their country
Always remembered, never forgotten
Less history repeat itself

Dedicated this day is
Annually celebrated
Young and old remember those brave souls

3 thoughts on “An Acrostic Poem For Memorial Day

  1. Thanks for this. My dad, stepdad, and both uncles fought in WWII and all suffered physical or emotional trauma–but at least they came back alive. The hundreds of thousands who didn’t we can’t forget — not those in our more recent conflicts. Our young pay the price for our policies. By the thousands.

    • The biggest difference is that in modern conflicts the casualties number far less than in previous wars, but casualties they are nevertheless.

      I think in conventional wars, emotional and mental problems were maybe fewer, but with guerilla tactics like those used in Vietnam, and even moreso in Iraq/Afghanistan where everyone is on the front line, you never know when or where an attack is going to come from, the stress must be horrendous.

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