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Americans Please Don’t Face East When Praying For Rain

July 13, 2012

In the UK we are well aware that much of the USA has seen a continued heatwave for weeks with above average temperatures and little or no rain in many places either. Even last year I read that parts of the Midwest were beginning to turn into a dustbowl like in the depression era of the 1930’s, however all that praying for rain is I fear a little mis-guided.

You see, while many of you, thousands no doubt, millions quite likely, are praying for rain, you are probably also doing it while facing East. Since this is not working, might I suggest you try praying for rain while facing West, North or South, or while spinning in a circle even, just like the Indian rain dancers do.

So why am I asking this?

You see, since your hot dry spell began and people in North America started to pray for rain, it began raining in the UK, and it’s been raining almost constantly for the last month or more, and there is no sign of it letting up either.

The UK had the wettest June recorded since rainfall recording began, and that was in the 1800’s, a long long time ago.

Over a week ago, Bournemouth, one of the prime seaside towns on the south coast of England, reported that this was already the 12th wettest summer since their recording began in the early 1870’s.   That was at a point not even halfway through summer!

Rolling on over a week since then, we have had more and heavier rain storms, with periods of torrential rain, thunder and lightning, large hail even a couple of days ago, and the extra rainfall must have seen this year rise even higher in the charts by now.

The people of the UK are fed up with the constant rain, floods and other disruptions, andwith the Olympic Games in London less than 2 weeks away, we need the rain to  stop so that Mister Sunshine can come and pay a visit.

So PLEASE everyone in America, if you have been praying for rain while facing East, consider doing it while facing a different direction for a change.  You never know, it might help you, and help us in the UK at the same time.




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