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Depressing Thought – No More Public Holidays Before Christmas

August 28, 2012

I had a really depressing thought just now.  Yesterday (August Bank Holiday) was the last public holiday in the UK before Christmas Day, so not only does this herald the beginning of the end of a summer that never really began, but it’s also the start of four months without a day off work.

It’s pretty much the opposite in the USA of course, with no public holidays for many people before Memorial Day at the end of May, but then after Labor Day (1st Monday in September) there is still a 4-day weekend to look forward to at Thanksgiving.

My wife had six weeks off for the school holidays, and we went to Florida for the first 2 of those (to see my daughters), but since then we have done little apart from fixing up the house and tending to the garden, and next week she too is back at work.

As I said, it’s a really depressing thought, summer is almost over, before it really began for us.

Some years when the weather has been disappointing during the summer we do get an Indian Summer, a nice few hot days later in the year, so fingers crossed we get to enjoy a few days of sunshine in September or October, before Old Man Winter descends on us.

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  1. It’s Thanksgiving today here in the US … I can only wish you a happy day, since you don’t have this holiday. Then the Christmas rush is on. I mostly watch my wife have her 19th nervous breakdown trying to make it perfect for the grandkids. But it makes her happy! Anyway … have a happy — public holidays or no!

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