Tackling Our Overgrown Garden

The back garden in our Victorian CottageThis weekend as the weather has warmed up a bit, we decided it was time to start tackling our overgrown garden. We moved house the week before Christmas, and the garden at our new home hasn’t been looked after in a few years, so it’s going to need a lot of work doing on it this year.

The house, an old Victorian Cottage, has a long narrow garden, and used to belong to an old lady, before being rented out, and now it’s our turn to take up residence there.

The garden has what was a nice lawn, but is now a few tufts of grass, a mass of dandelions, and was pretty much used for a couple of dogs to exercise, so that needs a lot of reviving. I think I need to try and get hold of a scarifier, so I can get out all of the moss and other unwanted material, as well as aerating the soil. Then a bit of fertilising and some grass seed, and I think it might be quite nice by the end of the year.

The borders are all overgrown with ivy and brambles, and there are mature shrubs everywhere, some “too mature”, including some fir trees that have got far too tall for such a small garden. So there is a lot of work to do out there.

I really should have taken some photos while we were out working in the garden over the weekend, but our priority was focusing on making a good start on the renovation work, rather than recording our progress, something which I now regret, but over the coming weeks and months we will rectify that.

The photo above is taken from outside the kitchen door, and shows the decking, several of the tall fir trees, and the tall hedge on the right, which will also need a regular trimming during the summer months.

At the end of the day, we want to create a garden that looks nice, but is relatively easy to maintain. If you would like to keep up with our story, don’t forget to follow our blog.

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