Is Social Media Killing Blogging?

With traffic to my websites and those of a number of other people that I know diminishing, it makes me wonder “Is Social Media killing blogging?”.

Going back 10 or even 20 years, when blogging was something new and innovative and many people realized they had a means to express themselves through writing, sharing their photographs or other talents, blogging became really popular and it was one of the “in-thngs” to do.

Many people created their own websites to create a “brand”, while far more started out writing on sites like WordPress, Blogger etc. Many still do use their sites, however the majority seem to have fallen by the wayside and been left inactive for a long time.

As well as being able to express ourselves, many of us bloggers found that we were able to earn a living (or to at least supplement our income) by writing, on our own sites and also on others like Squidoo, Hubpages, Associated Content and many more.

While a number of those sites have now disappeared, those of us who continue to write on our sites are now competing with Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where anyone can post quick snippets as well as photos and videos.

It seems to me, at least, that a lot of people these days prefer to read those quick snippets and to view a handful of photos and Like or Comment on them, all in one placee without having to leave the site or having to open a new browser tab.

This has produced a dilemna though, in that without adequate traffic and sufficient earnings from our endeavours, is continuing to blog and keep our sites active worthwhile?

For those who write for a hobby, or to supplement their products, for example book publishers or crafters, blogging doesn’t directly generate income, however it does help in awareness of their products and indierectly generate income as a result.

One genre where I and a number of others have seen a change is Jokes and Humour. Traffic to one of my jokes sites The Laughline, used to be significant and used to generate thousands of dollars worth of income every year, which it did for more than 10 years. But now, despite more content and improving what was already there, it’s hard to keep the number of visitors to a fraction of what it used to be.

While promoting posts on Facebook Groups and pages for example, it’s easy to see that those posts where you have to click on a link and go to another wesite get far fewer Likes and Shares than those which are a short quote with a fancy background or just a picture.

What is your experience with Social Media taking away traffic from more traditional blogs?

Do you have any preferred sites where promoting your works seems to be beneficial. Pinterest for example?

Backlinks and links in general from other related sites are helpful in improving search engine ranking, but finding good sites that are worthy and willing to give links back to yours is not an easy task and can be very time consuming as well.

I would love to hear of your experiences, successes and challenges in making a site successful. Please leave a comment on this post if you have anything you would like to share.

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5 thoughts on “Is Social Media Killing Blogging?

  1. Thank you for this informative post. I have only been blogging for a couple of years. I feel like I’ve only really come into it in the past six months. I think it is hard to get people to read posts because there are so much social media out there. The thing is the social media sites don’t have a lot of content.

  2. I write for my own site, my collaborative website (with Julie Kusma), and Coffee House Writers. I find that I get the most traffic from Twitter and Pinterest after posting a link to any of my short stories, micro-fiction, and photography. However, Google has obviously marked my personal website as a legitimate site since I get traffic from search engines daily. Usually, traffic from search engines is for any number of my essays from my past college assignments.

    Ultimately, I find that social media still draws enough traffic and attention to warrant keeping my personal website and others that I’ve mentioned. I use social media to get my name out there in the community. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be where I am at in my writing so far. And I’ve actually gained a couple of editing jobs through my engagement on social media.

    • Congratulations on getting the editing jobs through social media. I guess the best thing is to have a presence in as many places as possible to get noticed. Have you tried using LinkedIn? It used to be solely for jobs, but now has a growing social media element. That might work as well.

  3. I’ve noticed that too. I think this is happening because people have not enough time to everything there would be available. (Instant messaging is convenient to both read and write.) You just have to be selective cause there is too much everything on social media…and you still have your real life too!

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