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Typical British Weather

It’s funny in a way that today is probably a more typical display of British weather in April than any of the weather that we have seen in recent months.

The Autumn and Winter saw little rainfall, and as a result the reservoirs in the South of England are very low, as are the river levels. Most counties in the south have already ordered a hosepipe ban because of this, and then over Easter weekend we completed the construction of our deck in the back garden.

Since then it has rained quite a bit, in fact it rained on and off every day in the last week, with a lot of localised heavy showers and numerous hail storms as well.

Last night though was the worst, with the wind blowing a gale much of the night, lashing heavy rain against the windows, and rattling the letterbox flap on the front door.

The news this morning was filled with rivers ready to burst their banks in Dorset, Hampshire not much better, trees down in a lot of places, and pretty much all cross channel ferry crossings cancelled as well.  Not too pleasant.

What about the inclusion of the completion of our deck? 

Well it’s only natural for it to rain when you finish a task like that isn’t it, the same as when your flowering plants are in full bloom a stong wind or heavy rain will come along and smash them to smithereens.

No damage for us fortunately, but most of the blossom has been blown off the flowering cherry tree overnight, and the garden this morning looked like a pink blizzard had fallen over it.

But this is April, and as I remarked at the start of this post, this weather is more typical of April as we know it here, and we ought not to complain, since we desperately need the water, and if it rains now we might actually get less during the summer and have some nice weather. 

You just never know in the UK, the weather is always full of extremes…

The Cure For Writers Block

This is a short humorous poem that I wrote a while back when I was suffering with writers block.

Writers Block for those of you who have no idea what it is, is when you want/need to write something, but no ideas are forthcoming.

Common cures for writers block are to listen to music, read the news, surf the web, take the dog for a walk to clear your head, and so on.

For me, I sometimes sit and try desperately to think of something to write about, a bit like Winnie The Pooh going “Think, Think, Think”.  Quite often a rhyme begins to form in my head, and before I know it I have a poem taking shape, which gives my something to publish, and by the time I have done I already have ideas for other things to write.

As I said, I wrote this a while back, when I was trying to publish daily on Associated Content (now Yahoo Voices), and sometimes the words just would not flow.   This is the result, I hope you like it:

What shall I write, what shall I do
My mind keeps going blank
I want to write some articles
To help put money in the bank

But every time I try to think
Of topics that might fit
I just end up distracted
And my mind begins to flit

I have been posting photographs
That I took over the years
Quaint places near to where I live
And things that I hold dear

But writing is really where I hope
To get the most page views
But what to write about – oh dear
I really am confused

The last few weeks have been too full
Of chores I have to do
No time to think of long term plans
A series maybe, or two

And so as I very often do
I put my thoughts in rhyme
My inner poet has come through
And saved me one more time

I hope you like this poem
That I wrote because I found
Whatever else I tried to write
Only served to confound

Once more dear friends my rhyming friend
Has helped me out of a hole
But I still would like to write some more
I’ve set myself a goal

So far this month I averaged
Almost 300 views a day
I’m hoping to make 500 though
By month end – it’s a long way!

I need to find that little gem
An article that takes flight
With visitors from far and wide
One day I’ll make it – right!

So wish me luck to reach my goal
And keep my page views raising
If I could really make the grade
That would be so amazing

But now my poet friend is tired
I can’t think how to end this
And so here…

Sometimes It Just Takes Time To Get Google Traffic

So you created a web page, did your keyword research, got the right url, thought you wrote a good introduction paragraph.  You even generated some backlinks from quality related sites, but then the Google traffic never materialized.

Sometimes even if we do everything right, it takes time for pages to reach the point where they begin to get traffic in Google.

One case in point is a Squidoo lens that I created almost 2 months ago about the Best Clip On Guitar Tuners.

Well I thought I had done a good job, got some good keywords, added some good content and product reviews, but the traffic trickled in, and most of that was from Squidoo members not from Google.

I just looked at the stats for this page, and there has been a significant change in the traffic makeup in the last week.  Two thirds of this is now coming from Google, with sporadic views from Bing, Ask and Yahoo, and there are clickouts as well to the featured products.

Sure I would have liked by now to see hundreds of visitors daily, but as long as the trend is in the right direction, I will be happy.

I’m Back On WordPress

It’s been about 15 months since my original WordPress blog got suspended, and I am once again taking the risk of creating an online presence here. 

I must admit it would have been nice to get a notification, even nicer to have a response to at least 1 of the emails that I sent asking what I did wrong and why the site was suspended.

Oh well, water under the bridge, and several hundred posts along with it.  Can they do the same again if I ensure that I stick to original content?   One good reason for hosting your own sites I guess – you can host at least 5 for the cost of hosting 1 on!

I am hoping to see some old friends visit here, and also make some new friends.  I write on a number of different sites, on a number of different topics, so please feel free to follow the links and I love to receive feedback on my articles.