The Cure For Writers Block

This is a short humorous poem that I wrote a while back when I was suffering with writers block.

Writers Block for those of you who have no idea what it is, is when you want/need to write something, but no ideas are forthcoming.

Common cures for writers block are to listen to music, read the news, surf the web, take the dog for a walk to clear your head, and so on.

For me, I sometimes sit and try desperately to think of something to write about, a bit like Winnie The Pooh going “Think, Think, Think”.  Quite often a rhyme begins to form in my head, and before I know it I have a poem taking shape, which gives my something to publish, and by the time I have done I already have ideas for other things to write.

As I said, I wrote this a while back, when I was trying to publish daily on Associated Content (now Yahoo Voices), and sometimes the words just would not flow.   This is the result, I hope you like it:

What shall I write, what shall I do
My mind keeps going blank
I want to write some articles
To help put money in the bank

But every time I try to think
Of topics that might fit
I just end up distracted
And my mind begins to flit

I have been posting photographs
That I took over the years
Quaint places near to where I live
And things that I hold dear

But writing is really where I hope
To get the most page views
But what to write about – oh dear
I really am confused

The last few weeks have been too full
Of chores I have to do
No time to think of long term plans
A series maybe, or two

And so as I very often do
I put my thoughts in rhyme
My inner poet has come through
And saved me one more time

I hope you like this poem
That I wrote because I found
Whatever else I tried to write
Only served to confound

Once more dear friends my rhyming friend
Has helped me out of a hole
But I still would like to write some more
I’ve set myself a goal

So far this month I averaged
Almost 300 views a day
I’m hoping to make 500 though
By month end – it’s a long way!

I need to find that little gem
An article that takes flight
With visitors from far and wide
One day I’ll make it – right!

So wish me luck to reach my goal
And keep my page views raising
If I could really make the grade
That would be so amazing

But now my poet friend is tired
I can’t think how to end this
And so here…

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